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Bathroom Boardroom

(2001) rated: NR

Director: Chris Mich

Starring: Gordon Holmes, Kelly McElrone, Judy Crowell, Steve Bryant.

Synopsis: A frazzled office worker named Samson heads to the loo where he finds he is not the only one unhappy with the status quo. Literally locked into the situation, he initiates a bathroom boardroom and learns why "stink stinks," the annoyance of Ba-Gishhhhing and who has the worst job in the Mens room (I bet you could guess that one:).

Review: Short films present an interesting challenge for the filmmaker in that it requires a full story told in a short amount of time. While my experience with short films is admittedly limited, I think Bathroom Boardroom succeeds in creating a complete story, especially given the constraints imposed upon it.

Director and Co-Writer Chris Mich has fashioned a good story with the considerable help of co-writer Gordon "Hurricane" Holmes, who also plays the frustrated and nervous Samson to a tee, and the voices of Kelly McElrone, Judy Crowell, Steve Bryant, and Stacy Finnaren (among others). Particularly moving is Steve Bryant's portrayal of D-Spensor, a paper towel dispensor who desperately needs to be restocked.

There is one shot in the film where the camera moves over the stalls, slowly revealing the inner toilets, that reminded me of a manic Brian DePalma shot; another of a closeup on Samson's face reminded me of Indiana Jones. The music by Paul Oehlers is also fantastic - one bit even riffs on the Imperial March from Star Wars.

In the end. the only complaint I have is that the film is maybe, well, too short, and could perhaps benefit from some more airing of grievances. But that is only a minor problem, and the film does indeed succeed in telling a complete story (in just seven and a half minutes, no less!)

• Will Samson succeed now that he successfully addressed the bathroom appliances?
• Do you have fun along the way?

• Did you notice Samson's Star Wars boxers?

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