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First, if I may, a few words about criticism. I am not a bitter fatass sniping from my lazy-boy at people who haven't quite got it yet. Critics rely on the innovator, the one doing the creation, and as such, critics should try their best to present a review that really gives a feel for what the filmaker intended. This is what I will try to do here, though I must admit, sometimes it is impossible to be completely objective. I will try my best not to reveal too much about the story, but I have also included some thought provoking questions for further discussion along with other interesting details about the film that will provide a greater appreciation for the film after you have seen it.

The movies are all rated under the 4 star system. **** being the best possible rating, and no stars being the worst possible rating. Generally, these ratings have little to do with how much I like the movie. I try to be more objective with the ratings than I am with my review.

I would also like to state that the reviews here are only a matter of my opinion. I encourage you to formulate your own opinion because yours is the only one that really counts. Ok, disclamers are over, enjoy the reviews!

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Since just about every movie I've ever put here has not been reviewed, I'll stop putting stuff here.

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