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H.R. Giger
This swiss surrealist artist is best known for his design of the alien in the Aliens movies and originating the unique biomechanical style.
7.jpg: Black and white. A little different from your typical Giger, but cool nonetheless
i.jpg: Some conceptual art Giger did for Dune. Makes a nice background.
iv.jpg: Biomechanical Landscape II, also makes a nice background.
xvi.jpg: Probably my favorite background of all time! Another Giger landscape.
cockpit.jpg: Conceptual art of the alien cockpit for movie Alien.
corridor.jpg: More art from Alien.
unk3.jpg: Another landscape. Giger uses a brighter green than usual here. Refreshing change:)
wreck1.jpg: The derelict spacecraft from Alien.
H.R. Giger's Necronomicon With Introduction by Clive Barker.
H.R. Giger's Necronomicon II
H.R. Giger's Biomechanics
Giger.com Great Giger site! The Official US site. Cool pics and info.
HRGiger.com The official HR Giger Homepage. More cool info here!

The Far Side
catch.jpg: Now that looks like a good movie.
monster.jpg: Homeless monster.
silver.jpg: Clever werewolf.
aardvark.jpg: The ultimate test of foe!
mummy.jpg: Beware the mummy's wrath
The Complete Far Side by Gary Larson
The Chickens Are Restless by Gary Larson
The Far Side Out To Lunch 2004 Mini Wall Calendar

Laptop.jpg: What I do for a living.
email.jpg: That sneaky Dilbert...
manager.jpg: Put on your Manager's cap!
stresstest.jpg Testing bandwidth was never so fun...
stupidity.jpg My "Analysis of Algorithms" professor meets his match.
Don' Step in the Leadership by Scott Adams
Journey to Cubeville by Scott Adams
Dilbert 2004 Mini Wall Calendar

bum.jpg: I wonder how this guy is making out...
poster.jpg: A new star wars poster (with a twist!)
spooky.bmp: Just follow the directions at the bottom of the picture


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