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Kaedrin's Guide to Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov is one of the cornerstones of the Science Fiction genre. Yes, a cornerstone. He's also one of the world's most prolific writers, with over 500 books, fiction and non-fiction, credited to his name. I'm going to focus more on his Science Fiction here, specifically his Robot, Empire, and Foundations series, which present a kind of history of the future in which man colonizes space.. I highly recommend reading these series in their proper chronological order (they are listed in the correct order on this page). I've also included a miscellaneous section for various other books that aren't part of the series and I hope to expand this section with links and other articles.

Updated 4.13.03: Added reviews for the Second Foundation trilogy (written by Gregory Beneford, Greg Bear, and David Brin) and also did some maintenance type things... This guide is due for a much needed updating, so maybe I'll be revising some of the pages as well as writing some new features...

Miscellaneous Novels
The Robot Series
The Empire Series
The Foundation Series
The Second Foundation Series

Asimov Links
Series Guide

Note: I see that some of these novels are now out of print (like The End of Eternity and Robots and Empire), which is a shame because some of them are really excellent novels. I recommend checking to see if Amazon can get you a copy (they usually have used sellers as well) or maybe making the journey to *gasp* the local library to get the important novels.

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