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End Credits
brought to you by:

Writer, Director, Producer : Mark/tallman
HTML coding : Mark/tallman
XML/XSLT coding : Mark/tallman
Invaluable : Blueberry Jane, drifter, DyRE, foucault, grenville, rquethe, Samael, Spencer, Four Degreez, Xmark others...
XSLT Processor : Instant Saxon 5.5.1
HTML Editor : Textpad
Weblog Software : Movable Type
Forum Services : Xhawk Discussion
Hosting Services : Hostrocket
Search Engine Services : Atomz/Google
Tandem Stories are powered by : Movable Type
e-commerce functions : Amazon.com, cafepress
Fight choreographer* : Woo-ping Yuen* / John Woo*

* well, not really, but the fight sequences contained within Kaedrin are inspired by their work.

Copyright 1999 - 2008 by Mark Ciocco.