Link Dump

As per usual, links from the depths of ye olde internets:
  • A Ridiculously Obsessive Appreciation for "Casino Royale" - Matt Patches exhaustive, scene-by-scene appreciation for the Bond reboot:
    Casino Royale scared audiences in 2006 shitless with an opening shot that bypassed the traditional gun-barrel opening. What the hell was going on? "I DID NOT JUST PAY $35 FOR TWO TICKETS, A POPCORN, AND JUNIOR MINTS TO WATCH SOME ARTSY CZECH MOVIE ABOUT PARLIAMENTARY GOVERNMENT OR WHATEVER," they screamed. Despite being a 50-year-old franchise, a Bond movie had yet to draw back the color palette to crisp black and white.
    Detailed, insightful, and funny. Worth a read if you love the movie (as I certainly do!)
  • This Photo Of A Naked Jai Courtney Proves That SUICIDE SQUAD Was Worth It In The End - Jai Courtney was on Conan and described this one time during the filming of Suicide Squad, he was naked and chased director David Ayer around the set. Not exactly convinced that this makes up for the movie, but it's a step in the right direction.
  • If the Worst Suicide Squad Reviews Appeared in Its Trailer - This I agree with.
  • False Dmitry - Uh, just call me Dmitry.
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