Link Dump

Extra delicious, yummy links for your enjoyment. Sorry, some of these have to do with food, so yeah, it's on my mind. Crunchy!
  • The Katering Show - Hysterically funny show about a foodie attempting to cook food for her food intolerant friend. I'm... not making this sound as funny as it is. My favorite is episode 4, where they use a Thermomix to make risotto (aka hot wet rice).
    So "what is a Thermomix?" I hear anyone under the age of 33 ask. It's a blender, a microwave, an ice bucket, and a set of kitchen scales. It's a gangb@ng* of kitchen appliances that's created a futuristic robot saucepan.
    Go watch now.
  • Chef David Chang on the Best Seat in Every Restaurant - Hint: it's at the bar, a notion that is fully Kaedrin endorsed. Also, why are you still reading? Didn't you watch the Katering show? What's wrong with you!? Um, anyway, eating at the bar rules:
    When everyone's so close, it changes the dining experience. Out on the floor, you're a dickhead if you overhear a conversation and chime in. Not at the bar. You connect, trade stories, then trade bites. I've never shared as much food with strangers as I have at the bar. You meet great people that way-you're part of this band of outsiders within the restaurant. And for me, that's the best possible dining experience of all.
    Perfect for socially awkward introverts like myself!
  • A Story With Zombies - Pretty neatly encapsulates my problem with zombie movies.
  • Why this man created a Comic Sans typewriter - Because he's the devil?
  • The Rookie - This whole Instagram account seems to be Avengers action figures doing goofy stuff. It's fun!
That's all for now...

* What the hell Movable Type? The word "gangb@ng" (where the @ is an a) seems to throw a 403 error when I try to use it here. Just that one word. Or if I make it two words. "Gang B@ng". Stupid blogging software. First commenting doesn't work, now this bullshit.