Again Saved Titles

Last week, I wrote about my sad devotion to physical media, and how even that has failed me when it comes to some movies. I went through a few of the movies on my Saved Titles list that Netflix doesn't even have DVDs for, and today we continue that list:
  • Blind Detective - Director Johnny To is one of my favorites, so any new movie of his is usually added to my list. This one seems reminiscent of Mad Detective, though perhaps a little more silly looking. Only one way to find out, though. Since this was a somewhat recent release, I would actually expect Netflix to make good on this sucker and get the DVD (or put it on streaming).
  • Cargo - This 2009 German science fiction film has garnered some interesting reviews, but it does not appear to be available on streaming at all, but a rather expensive DVD can be purchased... So how did I discover this? Wonder of wonders, I remember! It was in Ian Sales' post about Prometheus, where he recommended people check out this film instead.
  • Destroy All Monsters - Inspired by Pacific Rim, I spent a week during last year's Halloween movie marathon watching old Kaiju movies, and this was one I really wanted to catch up with, but which was not available anywhere... It looks like a new DVD/BD will be coming out soon, so perhaps Netflix will pick it up. Maybe the new Godzilla movie will drive demand...
  • Don't Open Till Christmas - For whatever reason, I have a penchant for Holiday themed horror movies, and this one seems like it'd fit the bill nicely (especially since I've mostly exhausted said Holiday horror films). This is one that was defiitely in my DVD queue, but which not-so-mysteriously went into "very long wait" mode whenever Christmas rolled around, and really, when else would you want to watch this? So I never managed to snag it when available, and now it's not. It does seem to be available elsewhere (but no, not on streaming), so there's a chance Netflix will restock someday. I'm not holding my breath though.
  • Final Exam - Another terrible horror movie from a reviled sub-genre, the slasher, this one was apparently just released on BD (and somehow, that's cheaper than the DVD), so maybe there's a chance... It is, of course, not available on streaming.
  • Golden Slumber - I missed out on seeing director Yoshihiro Nakamura's A Boy and His Samurai when I went to Fantastic Fest, but managed to catch up with both that movie and the excellent Fish Story and totally fell in love with the director, adding everything I could to my queue. Alas, the list is quite short, and for some reason, Nakamura's movies have not really made their way West just yet. Fish Story was on streaming for a while, but is now only available on DVD. It's well worth checking out if you get a chance.
  • Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS - Back when Grindhouse came out, I remember loving Rob Zombie's fake trailer for Werewolf Women of the S.S. without realizing that there was a whole Nazi Exploitation sub-genre out there, and this one seems to be a popular choice. Frankly, I'm a little happy that this one is not actually available, but it might be an interesting sub-genre to explore...
  • Matewan - Back when I was in college, I spent one of my two (count 'em, two!) free electives on a film class, and this was one of the films originally on the syllabus. For various reasons, we never got to it in the class (I think we ended up watching another John Sayles film, Lone Star, instead), but it's always been something I wanted to catch up with. I can't imagine there's much pent-up demand for this sort of thing on Netflix, so I'm guessing it'll never see the light of day...
There you have it, and we're only about halfway down the list!