Link Dump

The usual mish mash of stuff procured from the depths of the internets, just for you:
  • Squirrel Power! by Jon Mooallem - This article is glorious:
    SOME say the world will end in fire. Some say ice. Some say coordinated kamikaze attacks on the power grid by squirrels.

    At least, some have been saying that to me, when they find out I've spent the summer keeping track of power outages caused by squirrels.
    Humorous, well-researched article featuring my new favorite acronym: P.O.C.B.S. or Power Outages Caused By Squirrels. Mooallem really walks a tricky line between goofy and witty and serious in this article, and it's definitely worth reading the whole thing. (via Clive Thompson)
  • The Third Core's Revenge by Alex Wellerstein - Interesting article about a little known bomb:
    By the end of August 1945, there had been a total of three plutonium cores created in the entire world. Everyone knows about the first two. The first was put into the Gadget and detonated at Trinity in July 1945. The second was put into the Fat Man and detonated over Nagasaki in August 1945. The third, however, has been largely overlooked.
    While not used in war, it earned the nickname "demon core"...
  • Recollections of Alien Image Gallery - New site made by a guy who worked on the miniatures unit of Alien. Cool stuff. (Thanks Roy!)
  • Starcher Trek! - Some genius took dialog from Archer and edited it into the Star Trek Animated Series. It's a surprisingly good match. It's also completely frivolous, but it reminds me that maybe rewatching Archer would be fun.
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