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Time is short, so just a few links to things I've liked on the internets lately:
  • Victorians Smiling - Most old-timey pictures I've seen have featured folks with scowls on their faces, but these victorian pictures feature people who are smiling. I particularly like the last sequence of photos.
  • Lord of the Tweets - John Scalzi recently watched the Lord of the Rings movies and live-tweeted his thoughts. Some are very amusing...
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Star Wars - Clever. Kottke adds his 7 most egregious changes to the original trilogy (i.e. the greedo shot first complaints), but he leaves out the most recent round of tomfoolery (i.e. "No. Nooooooo...")
  • What the NFL Won't Show You - I don't watch a lot of football, but I found this article interesting, as it pertains to a view of the field that consumers don't actually have access to, but which would be the most clear in illustrating what's happening in the game and how it works. (via Kottke)
  • Overheard in DC: Bike Cops - The bike cop one is good, but my favorite is this one:
    Male and female New Jersey Devils fans at the Caps game Saturday night:

    Guy: "That's icing."
    Girl: "Icing? Cupcakes!"
    Heh. Brilliant.
That's all for now. Stay tuned for some Holiday horror on Sunday!