Link Dump

Time is short, so just a few things I've found interesting lately:
  • Star Wars Fan Documentaries: I realize that the phrase "fan documentary" probably made you throw up a little in your mouth, but these amazingly comprehensive movies are actually quite well done. They're built on top of the base of the Star Wars movies themselves, but they feature all sorts of production notes, commentary from cast/crew, and are even sometimes re-cut with alternate takes, deleted scenes, concept art, and original audio. Creator Jambe Davdar must have spent years pouring through Star Wars minutiae to put this together. I haven't watched all of the videos (there's a lot of them), but so far, it's great stuff.
  • The Most Ridiculous Thing that writer/artist Dan McDaid has ever drawn. It's also pretty awesome.
  • Game Dev Story - An iPhone video game about... well, making video games. A meta video game, if you will. I don't play a lot of iPhone games, but I heard the guys talking about it on Rebel FM a few weeks ago and it was only $0.99 so I figured I'd give it a try. It's kinda addictive, despite the fact that the critics never rate my games well.
  • Space Stasis - I haven't read this yet, but it's an article by Neal Stephenson, so I'm looking forward to it (apparently a new novel is coming this year as well, though the news has been suspiciously quiet about that so far).
  • MST3k says: Packers win the Super Bowl! - They somehow knew!
That's all for now!