It's the big day! This year's Six Weeks of Halloween horror movie marathon concludes with a few quick awards (Note, I'm excluding movies I've seen before, so no Halloween or Ghost Busters (they'd win all the awards!)):
  • Best Movie: Blood and Black Lace.
  • Best Performance (actor): Joe Spinell as Frank Zito in Maniac
  • Best Performance (actress): Deborah Kerr as Miss Giddens in The Innocents
  • Best Supporting Performance (actor): Tom Atkins as Detective Ray Cameron in Night of the Creeps. "Thrill me!"
  • Best Supporting Performance (actress): Lynda Day George as Detective Mary Riggs in Pieces. "Bastard!" (See clip below)
  • Best Fight Sequence: Zombie vs Shark, in Zombie (aka Zombi 2). I mean, come on, it's a zombie fighting a shark.
  • Most Cring-Inducing Death Sequence: Splinter vs eyeball, in Zombie (aka Zombi 2). Disgusting, and shown in gratuitous detail.
  • The Proximity to Jason Vorhees Award for Heroic Stupidity: Well, the dumbest people in the marathon are certainly the meth-addled heroes in Cookers, but that movie doesn't quite fit. As such, Pieces would probably be the best fit. Both films feature really dumb characters, after all.
  • Best Comedic Film: It doesn't look like I watched any films that were technically comedies this year (Zombieland would be a shoe-in if I hadn't already seen it last year), so it looks like it will go to Night of the Creeps. More of a loving homage than a parody, but there are lots of comedic elements there.
  • Scariest Movie: It's a bit strange to say this, but most horror movies aren't really all that scary. They may be disgusting or suspenseful, but when I'm laying in bed at night, I'm not usually haunted by what I've seen. A couple of movies did that this year, and I'll have to go with Dead Birds. Paranormal Activity 2 also has its merits, though I think the creepiness factor is largely a residual effect of the first film...
  • Worst Movie: Cookers
Well, there you have it. Another successful Halloween horror movie marathon. I'll leave you with the single greatest scene I saw this year, referenced above under the best supporting actress award:

See you next year!