Yet Another Link Dump

Apologies for all the recent link dumps. Time has been short. More meaningful content to return shortly. In the meantime, enjoy:
  • 2 Guage Shotgun: When I was in high school, I really hated Biology. So after the class ended, my dad and I took my notebook up to our range. Fearing that the 12 guage shotgun wouldn't do, we broke out the 10 guage and proceeded to annihilate the notebook. Some scraps around the edges remained, but otherwise, it was pretty thoroughly destroyed. Now, these guys have a 2 guage shotgun and manage to pretty much vaporize half a board of clay birds. Supposedly the gun was mounted to a boat and used for hunting duck, but I don't really understand. What good is a vaporized duck (or a duck riddled with shot)? I guess if you have a large flock and a longer range, it would work, but still. Amazingly powerful gun.
  • Cardboard Mechanics Installation: Sometimes when I watch these videos, I wish there could be an easy way to keep tabs on the people that made them. Did they ever amount to anything? What did they end up doing with their lives? In this case, it's clear that the creators have a pretty thorough understanding of mechanics and how to get things working, but what are they going to do with all that knowledge (besides make a video like this)?
  • The History of the Typewriter: As told by Michael Winslow, of Police Academy fame. I have to wonder how close he actually is to the real thing (I wish they would've included that for comparison's sake, but then, I guess the video is long enough as it is).
  • Super Mario Brothers with Violin: It's the white tux that really cements it. Still, pretty good for what is presumably an improvised performance... Also of note: Beatboxing Mario. It's amazing how many new viral Mario memes appear every week. Here, look at these Mario themed Filing Cabinets! What about Stop Motion Mario? Marathons! Dance Pads! iPads! Crossovers! I'm consistently intrigued by how much love Mario gets, even today, well over 20 years after the game originally appeared (though it's a bit telling that 90% of these things are referencing the first game and not the sequels, especially not 3d sequels...)
  • The Most Badass Alphabet Ever: This is old, but still awesome. I won't ruin it by quoting anything, but it's great.
That's all for now.