Yet Another Link Dump

Sorry for all the link dumps, but I've not been feeling especially inspired as of late. Anyway, some interesting stuff I've seen recently:
  • The Enemy Within by Mark Bowden: You wouldn't think that the story of a computer worm would be this interesting, but it is.
    The struggle against this remarkable worm is a sort of chess match unfolding in the esoteric world of computer security. It pits the cleverest attackers in the world, the bad guys, against the cleverest defenders in the world, the good guys (who have been dubbed the “Conficker Cabal”). It has prompted the first truly concerted global effort to kill a computer virus, extraordinary feats of international cooperation, and the deployment of state-of-the-art decryption techniques—moves and countermoves at the highest level of programming. The good guys have gone to unprecedented lengths, and have had successes beyond anything they would have thought possible when they started. But a year and a half into the battle, here’s the bottom line:

    The worm is winning.
  • And I, for one, welcome our new printer overlords.
  • Mann Co. - Form letter from a company of awesome people.
  • Periodic Table of Fictional Elements - Sometimes I think I'm a nerd, and then someone goes and makes something like this..
  • "Adam? there a reason your laptop is in the fridge?" - Heroic tale of refrigeration and data recovery. "I share this experience with you, the internet, in the hopes that it is useful."