Link Dump

You know the drill - some interesting stuff I've seen lately on teh interwebs:
  • Robot Exoskeleton: Power Loader: Towards the beginning of the video, some text starts scrolling across the screen that says "This is the power loader. The prototype robotic exoskeleton is designed to allow the wearer..." and I totally thought the next screen was going to say something like "... to act like Ripley at the end of Aliens!" but alas, the video was serious.
  • Google Predictive Search is amusing sometimes. I'd hit that. [via Nick Holmes]
  • A Sincere Letter of Thanks to Roger Ebert: Ebert trolled the video game industry again last week with his long-standing assertion that video games can't be art. Kevin Beverage from GameSpy brilliantly skewers both Ebert and the general response:
    Noting the content drought on many game enthusiast websites, you selflessly decided to peel the crusted top off of the cesspool that is the games-as-art debate, to present us gamers with the opportunity to wallow in our own intellectual feces for a solid week-and-a-half. And with bony fists raised in impotent rage and eyes fixed unflinchingly on our navels, we took up the call.
  • David Thorne: Awesome Person: Also apparently a "fucking legend". [via Nick Holmes]
  • Man At Very Top Of Food Chain Chooses Bugles: Somehow, the Onion never ceases to be funny.
    Acting on an impulse from an incredibly complex forebrain that has evolved over millions of years, Atkinson then took note of the Bugles' amusing conical shape and placed one on each of his opposable thumbs like little wizard hats.
  • Super Mario Crossover: Awesome concept - play Super Mario Brothers with other NES classic characters, like Samus, Simon Belmont, Link, etc... Awesome idea, and well executed too. I kinda wish I still had a gamepad for my computer though (and that it would work for this)...
  • Lawn Mower of the Future: Why didn't I ever think of this?
That's all for now!