Red Letter Media Review of Episode II

Hot off the presses, Red Letter Media's review of Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones. If you haven't seen the absolutely brilliant review of Episode I, watch that first because it is better than this one (though I haven't finished it just yet, so far, it's not quite as good). This isn't to say that this one is bad, just that, uh, it's not as good.

I think perhaps one of the things that makes this less funny is that many of the complaints from Episode I are carried over to Episode II. Many of the behind the scenes clips are the same, for instance. Also, in the Episode I review, there were all these strange allusions to the reviewer's ex-wives and how they died "mysteriously" in "unrelated accidents". Some people found them off-putting, but I thought they were fine in the Episode I review. In this review, there's way too much of the serial-killer stuff and it goes on for way too long at times. Still, it's pretty funny stuff and pretty incisive too. I look forward to finishing off this review tonight and also the inevitable Episode III review. I wonder what he'll go into after that?