Link Dump

Well, I lost power for a good portion of the day, and it's looking like I might not have much time tonight, so here are a few links:
  • After the Coup by John Scalzi: A short story that takes place in the Old Man's War universe. I haven't read it yet, but it looks interesting.
  • Watching the Watchmen Trailer: A Detailed Analysis: Amazing shot-by-shot breakdown of the Watchmen trailer. While you're at it, might as well check out the Watchmen Video Journals over at Trailer Addict. I've been following the production of Watchmen for some time now, and am really looking forward to the movie.
  • 2008 US Movie Box Office: Interesting chart of 2008 movies, arranged by weekend gross. As you might expect, the first weekend is almost always the largest for any given film. You can see the various spikes as well, notably the Batman spike.
  • Libra: I've been messing around with this application which lets you catalogue your library of books, DVDs, music, etc... It's a neat little program, though it clearly needs some work. For instance, it crashed about 10 times while I entered my DVD library into it, and it also seems to crash every time I search for "Cryptonomicon." The search results were also very strange, and I found myself sometimes having to find the item on Amazon first, then using the ASIN to find it in Libra. It would also be nice if it used a richer data source as well, because you really don't get much meta data with it. You can add tags to each item... but you have to do it manually. Probably not something I'll maintain, but it's interesting, and it provides a neat export functionality - see my DVD collection here (Some DVDs still not entered, but this is a good portion of what I have).)
That's all for now...