Link to Someone New: Web Comics Edition

I've recently run across some interesting webcomics, so I figured it was time for another edition of linking to someone new:
  • Abstruse Goose: Another minimalist nerd comic, but it's actually pretty good. Just don't compare it to xkcd (which is, of course, impossible - especially when he creates comics like this). This SETI comic is brilliant.
  • Theater Hopper: Topical, movie-themed comic. The latest one features a rather obscure reference, but most of them are great, and he's apparently been doing this for over 5 years (sooo, I'm a little late on this one, but it's good anyway).
  • Stolen Pixels: Ok, I cheated. I already linked this, but how can I not link to Shamus' new, video-game themed comic? Great stuff so far. Now featuring legitimate webcomic navigation!
That's all for now.