Link to Someone New, Part 3

Time is short and it's been a while since I've done this, so here are three posts from blogs I've never linked before:
  • Domino Computation: A computer is basically a series of switches. Granted, they're very small switches, and there are millions of them in most computers, but the basic theory of the linked post is that you can do some computation using primitive means - in this case, dominoes. It's a pretty amazing post if you're interested in this sort of thing, and the author has lots of pictures and even videos of how he set up his domino calculator.
  • pdb Vs Matlock Jr.: pdb owns a video game and movie store and likes to make fun of his customers, as in the linked post which has a very Acts of Gord type feel to it..
  • Dreary Queen: This blog focuses on the corporate logo niche. In the linked post, they tackle Dairy Queen's new logo, which is very lame. "Dairy Queen's ellipse is one of the most highly recognizable marks, it is (was) unique, memorable and impactful. Despite this equity, Dairy Queen considered it was time to change and make the wrong moves in all the wrong places"
That's all for now.