Hurricane Names, Restaurant Critics, and more...

Time is short this week, so here's a few links:
  • Hurricane Keyser Soze: What's in a name? Absolutely brilliant commentary on how the National Weather Service names their hurricanes.
    When Hurricane Isabel came ashore here a few years ago, I openly mocked it, and Isabel dropped a 250-year-old tree on my car. Now, was I aware on some level that the hurricane could do this? Sure I was. But I mocked anyway, and who could blame me? The only Isabel I ever knew was the moody, vaguely goth younger sister of a high school friend. Could she occasionally annoy? Sure. Did she prompt the odd argument? No doubt. Were there times that Isabel was irrational? Of course. But drop a tree on my car? Sorry, no sir.

    We want to fear these storms. We really do. But I'll be damned if I run from Hurricane Florence. I already have had the experience of being in a mandatory evacuation over a Hurricane named Bob. I didn't want to evacuate. I felt like a grade-A pussy running from someone named Bob. I still feel that way.

    So, is it any wonder that thousands of people stayed in harm's way, determined to ride out Katrina? Of course it isn't. ... What we need is a hurricane named, let's say, The Penetrator. You tell me that The Penetrator is coming ashore in 24 hours and I am gone like Keyser Soze. Use the names of famous human predators, like Adolph or Idi Amin or Attilla or Affleck, and people will break out in a mad dash for higher ground.
    Brilliant. [via Ministry of Minor Perfidy]
  • The Secret Life of a Restaurant Critic: The Restaurant Critic for the Boston Globe explains her job in surprisingly interesting detail.
  • Speed Demos Archive: This is why I love the internet. It's just full of people like this who have way too much time on their hands. These guys have compiled a list of their speed runs - attempts to win a game in as short a time as possible. They've got videos of each one. Just in case you wanted to watch someone defeat Metroid in 18 minutes.
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