Cell Phone Update

Because I know everyone is on the edge of their seat after last week's entry, I ended up going with the Nokia 3120. It's compact, light and has a reasonably long talk time. As far as talk time goes, the Sony Ericsson T237 seems to be king (at least, going by the statistics), but I didn't like the keypad (nor did I particularly love the screen or the controls). The Nokia was better in this respect, and I've always been happy with Nokia phones.

It's a bit of a low end phone, but the high end phones don't seem to have gotten to a point where it's really worth it just yet. The Sony Ericsson W800i seems really interesting. I'm in the market for an MP3 player as well, so it would be really nice to get that functionality with the phone. The cameras in phones are getting better and better as well (to the point where they're better than my digital camera, which is getting pretty old). Hitting three birds with one stone would be really nice, but unfortunately, the W800i isn't out yet (and some are reporting that it won't be released in the States at all), would probably cost a fortune even if it was available, and I'm sure that better models will eventually become available anyway, which is why I don't mind getting the low end model now...

Anyway, thanks for everyone's help. It was very... helpful. Um, yeah. Thanks.