Bullet Time

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Usually when I need something to post here, I send my chain-smoking monkey underlings on a mission to find me some interesting links or to research a particular topic. I went slumming in the Hamptons this weekend, so I released my legion of loyal simians on the task of comparing and contrasting postwar Germany and Japan with the current U.S. occupation of Iraq. This is what they came up with:
  • The Star Wars Kid (warning, there is a sound clip on the first page): This is so damned funny, though when you read what happened after, you really gotta feel sorry for this kid. Basically, this 15 year old kid made a video of himself pretending to wield a double-bladed light saber, a couple of other kids found the video and posted it on the internet, where it promptly spread and a series of remixes has appeared. The best is the Star Wars Kid 2.0 version, which is absolutely hilarious. But the kid was obviously overwhelmed by the the constant mocking and derision he received; it was so bad that he dropped out of school and entered a psychiatric institute.
  • Strong Bad's Emails: This is some funny crap. Basically, its just this character who answers emails, but it, too, is really damn funny. There are a ton of emails too, and its updated every Monday... I especially like the guitar one, and the dullard one, and... er, they're all good. Check them out... Also, its always nice to see people using flash for something appropriate. Of course, they're using Flash for the entire site (which is also funny, by the way) but, as I've ranted about before, personal humor sites like this are one of the acceptable uses of flash.
  • Rumsfeld Accuses Saddam of Camping: Saddam is such a lamer.
  • Since we can't buy and sell terrorist acts on a futures market anymore, checkout Rinkworks' Site Market Game, where you can buy and sell Rinkworks features and make money...
As you can see, my chain-smoking monkey servants spent the weekend drinking all my beer, urinating on my possessions, and otherwise goofing off. Seriously though, I do plan to write something about the troubles of postwar Germany and Japan, so stay tuned... In the mean time, enjoy the above.