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But they had a rough weekend so I gave them the day off. As such, I'm just going to throw a list of interesting links at you. Enjoy:
  • Prewar Intelligence Investigation by Senator Robert Byrd : A passionate plea for more information regarding the intelligence presented to Congress (and the public). Byrd actually makes many good points, points that should be made. Personally, I feel a lot of people have gone over the line with accusations Bush's "lies" (at points, its debateable whether or not Byrd crossed said line). There are a lot of good questions to be asked about the affair, but they won't get answered if those who are supposed to be asking them are frothing at the mouth (at, say, the prospect of running Bush and/or Blair out of office). Byrd inadvertantly brings up another point:
    It is in the compelling national interest to examine what we were told about the threat from Iraq.
    Indeed! But, um, Senator Byrd? Shouldn't you have examined what you were told about the threat from Iraq before you voted on it? That might have been a good idea. If the President did lie, what does that say about how well our Congress is representing us?
  • The View From Above: An Imagery Analysis Tutorial : A brief tutorial on military imagery analysis by a former CIA analyst. Fun! [via Punchstack]
  • William Gibson's blog: For those that enjoyed the other day's post about 1984, check out William Gibson's blog for more of his spiffy writing (I seem to remember him giving it up, but the most recent entries seem, well, recent)...
  • When being chased by CIA trainees, don't mention Belgium to the waffle house physicist : Our tax dollars are well spent. Heh.
  • Seinfeld: The Boyfriend : This classic Seinfeld episode with Keith Hernandez contains a brilliant parody of Oliver Stone's JFK (scroll down about halfway), in which Kramer and Newman contend that Hernandez spit on them after a game. Jerry hilariously reproduces the courtroom scene from JFK, demonstrating that there had to be a "second spitter" (interestingly, as the page notes, Wayne Knight plays the same position in both JFK and this episode).