Die Another Day

For the latest installment of the James Bond series of films, Pierce Brosnan's people are apparently so swamped with interview requests that they actually allowed an interview with The Facer. I never heard of The Facer before, but... let's just say the interview was somewhat less traditional than Mr. Brosnan is used to. An excerpt:
FACER: Vin Diesel is what I call a "bondawannabee." At least based on his movie XXX. Did you see it?

BROSNAN: I just did, yes. Very exciting. Not Bond, though.

FACER: I know. The guy's as suave as a rectal exam. But he is hunky. Would you date him?


FACER: Vin Diesel. I mean, if you were a woman. Women love men who are named after fossil fuel products. Indicates a certain dynamic flammability, I think.

BROSNAN: (silence)

FACER: This is pretty agonizing for you, isn't it?

BROSNAN: Well, it's not the worst interview I've had.
Like I said, its not quite traditional. The discussion of innuendo in Bond girls' names is absolutely hilarious (I'll give you a taste: "Daisy Throatwash"). Also, Brosnan is apparently a pretty damn good sport.