MST3K vs. D&D

A homemade MST3K episode (complete with familiar silhouettes) lambasting Dungeons and Dragons among other role playing games. Don't let it pass, its a riot (even if you don't like D&D)! I miss MST3K a lot. Its just so much fun seeing them tear a bad movie apart. I've got a couple of episodes on tape (including the infamous Manos:The Hands of Fate) and, of course, the Movie, but there are over 200 episodes out there. I think I might even be tempted to watch TV if someone started airing them again...[via boing boing]

In some completely unrelated news, I'm beginning to worry about the mutant fungus from space (well, ok, maybe its not completely unrelated). Biologists are worried about virulent new strains of fungus which the russian space station Mir will bring back to Earth.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, David Hasselhoff is the AntiChrist.