The Legacy

It seems that the latest premise 20th Century Fox is considering for X-Men 2 concerns the Legacy Virus, a man-made disease that is only infectious to mutants, eventually resulting in their deaths. I'm assuming this was a story arc that originally appeared in the comics, as Michael Chabon's proposal (see below) also used the Legacy virus as a major story element. It is only a treatment and could very well be passed over in favor of something else. Of all the rumored story lines, I think the most interesting is the Wolverine Solo pic which focuses on the Logan character and a search for his identity (fitting in perfectly with the ending of the first film). There are several advantages for Fox:
  1. Not having to reassemble the massive cast dealing with schedules, negotiations, etc would free up time and allow the shoot to begin sooner.
  2. Wolverine's massive popularity among fans would ensure a good box office and omitting the other 5 or 6 X-Men would streamline the story and keep the budget down.
  3. When execs see the possibility of expanding the franchise while keeping the budget and cast concerns to a minimum, they try and do so.
Not to mention how much Hugh Jackman kicks ass as Wolverine. Whether or not that would make a good movie, I don't know. I would be really worried about their explainations for Wolverine's past, so maybe we'd be better off with another ensemble film.