A.I. Internet Mystery

It seems the marketing guys at Dreamworks/WarnerBros have been hard at work setting up an intricate web of sites that pertain to the world of the upcoming film A.I. in the mid-22nd century. Apparently this has "set off an entire underground of researchers who are uncovering more and more of this web of mystery. There are entire layers of plot centering around the murder of one Evan Chan involving affiars and various humans and A.I.s. There are real phone numbers to call, emails which send back clues, places people have left there phone number and may be called back, and passwords and access codes etc to uncover new pages in the mystery." Wow, while those marketing fellows are most likely evil, I have to admit, they are running quite an interesting show over there. There are even rumors that this internet mystery is not limited to a static, linear flow; that the marketing fellows are actually altering the websites as needed based on progress made. Theres a bunch of interesting discussion dedicated to the A.I. game, including a yahoo group, CA's thread and AICN's. Much of this is most likely the work of a bunch of evil ad agency trolls who are pushing and manipulating the discussion ("these guys made that kick-ass game called Majestik"), but its interesting nonetheless.