Disturbing Search Requests

Going through my referrer logs the other day, I came across a few oddities. Apparently someone was "desperate to urinate" and they thought google could help out. The freaky thing is that the end of the referral string had "start=70", which, in Googlespeak, means the link to kaedrin was on the 8th page of results! The page found by this desperate fellow was none other than The Rebel Fire Alarms (kaedrin's very first Tandem Story) and there is indeed a scene in which a character is desperate to urinate. But wait! There's more to this insanity. It seems that The Rebel Fire Alarms has the ability to attract other wierdos searching for things like: "alcohol effects on the human body," "forced licking images" and, my personal favourite, "harem sex slave images" (apparently kaedrin is in the top ten for that search). More Disturbing Search Requests.