Goodbye Sober Day

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In this interview with Mike Patton, the frontman for the now-defunct Faith No More talks about his other band (Mr. Bungle), his fans, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. At one point, Patton proclaims that "we make music for ourselves first, then record it onto a record, and then hope it makes sense to other people," which is the sort of thing that usually makes me cringe. However, given Mr. Bungle's last album, California, which I liken it to a musical representation of schizophrenia (and this is downright peachy compared to their last album, Disco Volante), I think I can safely say that Patton really doesn't care what anyone thinks. Not to mention some of his... less accessible work (he refers to them as "operettas or jazz improvs or, you know, noise pieces--whatever the hell you want to call them"). I still miss his glorious days with FNM, though. I stumbled upon this list of songs they played live; I find the covers they chose to be fascinating. They actually performed "barbie girl" 7 times, and FNM had the range to pull it off, too. When I saw them in Philly, they played the Rocky theme. Damn, I miss those guys...