den Worste?

Steven Den Beste made some rather inflammatory remarks the other day about Hockey, to which he's received a tremendous amount of flak.
And I'm even sorrier that some Americans decided to moon Canada at a hockey game. All I can say is that in the spectrum of fans of various sports, hockey fans rank down about one step above pro wrestling. There are probably thoughtful, educated hockey fans, but there aren't damned many.
It turns out that the incident he was referring to occurred during a Pistons and Knicks basketball game, not hockey. Steven then goes on to criticize the sport a bit, more specifically the fighting that goes on. As a hockey fan who read this, I was slightly irked, but I recognized it as the comments of someone who simply wasn't a fan of the sport. Normally, I would think that most people would have a similar reaction. So why all the hate mail? I don't think it has anything to do with hockey fans being "the worst we have to offer" - I would wager a guess that a good number of complaints he has received have come from intelligent, thoughtful hockey fans (as the above links show).

No, what is at work here is some people's inferiority complex. Steven Den Beste is a know-it-all, and not in a derogatory sense. He is very intelligent, and usually, when he comments on something, he is quite compelling, if not correct. So when he finally made a mistake, everyone seized the opportunity to prove him wrong. Take this as a compliment captain; you wouldn't be receiving this much criticism about your hockey comments if you weren't so right about everything else. Oh, and next time, you might not want to comfort a country by insulting its most beloved sport (sorry, I couldn't resist; it seems that I have an inferiority complex as well).

update 2:10 p.m. - Good Grief? Just to clarify a bit. Steven did make disparaging remarks about a group of people, and, naturally, that group of people feels slighted. The angle I was going for, though, was that some of these people saw this as a chink in the armor and capitalized on it ("I've finally discovered a topic that he is completely wrong in his opinion and apparently knows near to nothing about"). I actually thought this angle was funny, so I made this post.

update 10:30 p.m. - I've been Den Bested!

Speaking of hockey, my Flyers aren't doing so well. They've been shut out for three straight games and they haven't scored in regulation for even longer. They looked like they were playing pretty good last night until they self-destructed in the second period with bad penalties and some defensive breakdowns. The Flyers arr 0-11 when they fall behind three games to one. Things are not looking good...