Email Warfare

The art of office e-mail war by David Miller : Ah the joys of corporate email politics. Email is quick, easy, and it offers the sender nearly immediate access to anyone on a corporate network. Miller goes through a variety of different strategies for manipulating e-mail, some of which are quite amusing. Personally, I haven't really been a part of the more nefarious strategies, though I often use email's obvious strategic value. We don't have BCC where I work, so that leaves out some of your average backstabbing stories. One thing I've found useful, though, is that CCing my bosses while requesting something from someone else will almost always yield faster results than if I didn't CC them. When people see the boss's name attached, they know they better get things done quickly and efficiently. This, of course, leads to my boss getting upwards of 500 emails a day, so I try and use this only when I need it... [Thankee James]