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Source: The Great and Secret Show by Clive barker Editor: tallman
Info: Quiddity is a sea and in it are islands called Ephemeris. We all make three trips to Quiddity. Once the first night we slept out of the womb. The second occasion the night you lay beside the man or woman you love. The third time on the last night of your life.

On one side of Quiddity is the Cosm, the reality we inhabit. On the other side of the sea is the Metacosm, another reality inhabited (dominated) by the Iad Uroboros. Scarcely any information emerges from the Metacosm.

Quiddity is preserved by the Shoal, a sacred order whose purpose was to keep the dream sea pure. Their dogma was the Art, and with the Art they could travel to Quiddity.

Further Reading: The Books of the Art: 1. The Great and Secret Show by Clive barker and 2. Everville by Clive Barker.

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