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Source: Dungeons and Dragons Editor: DyRE
Info: Illithids, also called Mind Flayers or Devourers by other various races, are an subterranian race reknown and feared for their extremely powerful mental abilities, known as psionics. The species has a squid-like appearance. Their skin is usually pink and from their face four tentacles hang. The rest of their bodies conform to a humanoid form. Illithids are typically between about six to seven and a half feet in height. Aside from their psionic abilities, illithids are imfamous for their general lack of consideration for other species. The illithid must feed on the brain of mammals to replenish themselves and do so by sucking their food's brain directly out of the unfortunate creature's body, whether it still lives or not. Any non-illithid captured by the species that isn't used for food typically ends up a slave, mentally dominated by the mind flayer's powerful mental abilities.
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