In october of 1999, 33 students went camping in the woods near Ridley Creek State Park. Two days later, their photographs were found. What actually happened to these students deep in the Pennsylvania woods has become the stuff of legend. What they have captured on film has transformed their trip into one of Villanova's most terrifying nightmares...
Raeleen came prepared with a flashlight!
The fire roars (thanks to Dawg, Greg, Liz and Lori)
Happy Campers :)
A Tired Me
The Villanova Wildcat ready to cause mischeif
Sitting on the Wildcat's lap
Getting mauled by the Wildcat
Marshmallow inspection
Hamburger roasting
Hamburger roasting (1st person pov)
Greg enjoys the morning
More happy campers
The fire fizzles...
Beautiful? Or sinister?

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